About Blissful Tribute

Who we are :

Blissful Tribute Inc. is a Canadian company supplying quality adult urns with matching keepsake cremation Urns to Funeral home at an affordable price. We have been selling urns from past 7 years and have satisfied clients worldwide.

Our Product:

Our urns are made of brass and each urns and keepsake are hand engraved with care and detailing without compromising the quality. When choosing an urn to preserve the ashes of a loved one, brass metal urns demand a serious consideration. Brass urns are spirited enough to retain their integrity when buried, and yet provide an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room in a home or in a memorial garden. Brass urns are versatile which can be kept in indoor or outdoor niches, mausoleums, columbarium’s, special urn gardens, or nature walks.


#TheUrnPeople Mission :

#TheUrnPeople guarantee your satisfaction

We sell thousands of urns each year. We take pride in providing outstanding quality urns at affordable prices. This is because you are buying directly from our factory warehouse. #TheUrnPeople is committed to supplying only the finest quality brass urns to our customers, our urns offer value for money which is unmatched by any other urns supplier.